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Hello and welcome to a very special episode where we are launching the report hosting podcast. I’ve been called CRM and marketing automation specialist. Today I’m joined by chained and runner infrastructure and digital solutions specialists. We with co-founders of relevant and Rippa hosting. Tonight what we wanted to do was, just really take a moment to really acknowledge the half a rip of hosting has come, and really give its own spice to grow and find the markets that’s horrendous. Mana, who should be listening to this challenge?



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Yep. Okay. Hello and welcome to a very special episode of the rip up hosting podcast. This is our first episode and it’s let’s start that one again. Here we go. Hello and welcome to a very special first episode of the ripper hosting podcast. I haven’t called us CRM and marketing automation specialists. Today I’m joined with Chandan RANA infrastructure and digital solutions specialist at relevant. We’re both co-founders of relevant and with the hosting and tonight we’re really pleased to announce that way. I’ve been out at a new podcast and a YouTube channel for ripper Hodgkins, so that we can show, people how to do things, on the hosting side. Rather who should be listening to this episode.



We wanted to create a channel, basically where we can pull through, marketing professionals, technology professionals. What about to him more about what’s new in the industry and what makes them successful as well as the challenges that had to drive a com to get to that point or to keep moving forward a bit in their own respective markets?

As well as, he’s got a fan from people who have had experience working with us. So, drawing on the experiences from previous scholars, as compared to us, as well as, there’s a performance upgrades, the same, working with us, and the environment or a VPs or a dedicated set of, whatever the case might be. Also, learn the applications, use cases and troubleshooting tips, that, someone who would ever need to run their own environment, whether that’s, tips and fix, using C panel, tips and tricks when it comes to managing BPS is, self-managing BPS is, as well as, how does thought and run your lines, we’d sell up.



If you’re a marketing agency, you’re a web developer and you’re looking to add some extra, income to your income stream, as well as passive income. You could look at one of the resell of plans that we have to offer. I guess the advantage, that money is that we do all the technical backend stuff. Whereas, you, the person that sat through reselling only has to find some, the clients and the financial stuff, but you don’t need to have the technical knowledge or the know-how or anything like that. You’d be back to a hundred percent by us.



I think a lot of times people, he did all these web hugs to not really apples with apples oranges with oranges face quite a lot of nuanced differences. I think, one of the things we want to try and do with this channel is just really make it easy to answer those questions and really put the power in the hands of, Alison is, to really be able to grow, to be able to develop their own resources, to be able to manage their own and be in control.

I think a lot of times people are sorta hamstrung or held by a developer that knows all the technical ins and outs, but then it doesn’t necessarily show them how it works and why they would do certain things. Sometimes people make decisions that aren’t the right decisions technically, and ideally we want to, we want a war game and talk about the problems that people have and how to avoid them, or, what’s something that’s worked really well.



And this applies to share that. Like you’re saying as well with resellers, I think a lot of times people think reselling is only for the pit peaks in the corner that really know the technology, but when really it’s actually a fantastic add on to any marketing businesses. Were talking to a videographer the other day and, just because I do stuff that digital digest only have hosted somewhere.

Rather than putting it on to YouTube where there’s a whole series of ads or, pay for some other platform to do it like enough of their own solution and, in a revenue stream additional to the customer. There’s just a few reasons on why you would want to tuning to the reposting podcast. If you want to, try us out for a little while, or, maybe you want to, you’re thinking about jumping ship. You can get a bonus six months free web posting on any of our standard plans when you use the cogs, which that’s it’s w I T C H a and you would get six months.



Right. Make sure you jump in and grab that, take advantage of that one. That link will sorry that card will be in the comments. And, you can just put it in front of the standard plans in the checkout process, and you’ll get the first six months for it. Thank you very much for your time. Thank you for listening. If you want to find out any more information, you go to rip a hosting.com that I use. If you want to be on the episode, or if you’ve got some extra questions, you’d like us to answer, then you can fill out the contact form on the website. Other than that, thank you very much for listening and take care.

Our objective was to interview marketing and technology specialists to learn about what’s new in their fields and the roadblocks they encountered along the way. Chandan Rana is a Relevate infrastructure and digital solutions specialist. Discover how folks who have worked with Rippa Hosting have affected their life. Ensure the seamless operation of your digital environment by understanding programmes, use cases, and troubleshooting approaches. With these useful ideas and guidance, you’ll learn how to manage hosting accounts, VPSs, and even how to start and run your own reseller business.

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